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The digital evidence platform

eviFile has reinvented field-data collection by providing a Digital Evidence Platform that businesses of all sizes and across sectors can use to capture, manage and share unquestionable* digital data using every day mobile devices.

The problem

The use of digital evidence by enterprise clients has increased in the past few decades to include video footage, digital photographs and GPS tracks.

A common attack on digital evidence is that it can be easily altered and therefore not trusted – especially if good practice processes are not followed in collection and storage.

The problem is that most data is not collected and managed in an appropriate manner to withstand challenge.

This lack of absolute proof of an event often led to friction, dispute and cost.

The solution

You are now able to create a Digital Evidence Platform with unquestionable authenticity, to be used to:

Manage field assets

Manage field assets

Track inspection routes

Track inspection routes

Provide proof of events

Provide proof of events in the field

The eviFile Digital Evidence Platform can be deployed across all business units. It creates a standard that people can respect and follow that results in a single source of truth.

The platform can be configured for any process across any industry delivering visibility, flexibility and compliance. The platform is accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, with all data securely managed.

Core characteristics of the platform

The eviFile digital signing process guarantees that data has been collected at a particular time and in a particular place, with digital signatures captured using standardised UK cryptographic algorithms. eviFile is a ‘drop in’ solution that can be easily integrated with existing applications and end processes.

Easy to use

You don’t have to be tech savvy to use eviFile. Intuitive design and step by step processes ensure widespread adoption is easily achievable.

Built for mobile

eviFile is compatible with any smartphone, tablet or desktop device and is accessible on or offline.

CompatibleLeading edge, scalable technology

eviFile can integrate with all your existing systems & processes to enhance what you do.


eviFile ensures all field events are accurately and consistently recorded for easier review and reporting.

Leading edge, scalable technology

eviFile is scalable to any requirement and built to last using the latest technology.


Digital photographic evidence. (ACPO Compliant)

Two editions to choose from...

Proof edition

More Info Feature List



More Info Feature List

* Built to the Association of Chief Police Officer’s (ACPO), eviFile adheres to the principles laid out by the Home Office in the ACPO guidelines, referencing Digital Forensic Inspection and the levels of authenticity required for capturing data for submission as evidence in legal disputes.

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