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How a Construction Project Management Tool can Streamline your Business

The construction industry is a rapidly evolving landscape, with many exciting developments emerging to allow for streamlined processes and increased opportunities within the sector.

Building projects can be complex operations, with many different cogs whirring away simultaneously, which can sometimes lead to miscommunication and uncertainty between the many parties involved. With the help of a smart project management system, you can ensure that wires aren’t crossed, and vital data is available at all times — to all participants — so nothing is missed.

Here are five — of the many — ways a project management tool can help transform your operation and streamline processes.

1. Everything in one hub

Despite the fact that many software systems are capable of interacting with each other, this is rarely managed effectively, which can mean team members are only aware of certain elements of a project and cannot effectively monitor the progress overall.

Having a ‘Business Intelligence’ view into a single data warehouse which contains all relevant information, means everything is in one easy-to-access location, and the finer details are never lost in transit.

2. Timesaving

Often, during construction projects, there is no one individual who is responsible for updating all systems from the ground. This can mean a huge number of man hours are lost per project as unnecessary time and energy is spent chasing information, updating colleagues, and verifying extraneous details.

With the eviFile system, field data is automatically collected as team members carry out their roles, meaning minutes and hours can be freed up to focus on the real job at hand.

3. Efficient task allocation

In order for a development to run smoothly and efficiently, knowing who is responsible for each area of work — for both the client and colleagues — is key. As a host of operatives work towards a shared goal, it can prove difficult to ensure they all stay connected and in sync — and correct task allocation can fall by the wayside in favour of simply ‘getting the job done’.

As live updates are made throughout the day on both eviFiles web interface and mobile app, there will always be clarity on the status of the project, and colleagues can have a clear set of steps to follow in order to eliminate mistakes.

4. Access to relevant information

Gone are the days of filing cabinets filled to the brim with plans, specs, handwritten forms and photos. With a comprehensive digital archive system, you can upload an unlimited number of files onto the system — where they will live forever — without the fear of misplacing them.

eviFile ensures that users have access to information relevant to them and only appropriate account holders have visibility of potentially confidential materials.

5. Real time dashboards

When armed with a live dashboard, the entire project team is able to tap into real-time data and reporting, as well as receive instant alerts when there have been updates to the system — meaning everyone is on the same page at all times and absolutely nothing is lost.

eviFile will improve visibility across your projects and deliver insights that will assist you in delivering against your client and business needs.

“eviFile will improve visibility across your projects and deliver insights that will assist you in delivering against your client and business needs.”

Duncan Mactear
Customer Strategy Director
eviFile Ltd.

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