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Mission Critical Communications Part 2: What did we learn from the 5 speakers at Peloton’s event?

At the Mission Critical Communications event, we spoke to the five speakers, each of them experts on digital assurance. This event focussed on digital assurance in the rail and infrastructure sectors, and highlighting efficiency improvements on highly complex projects, as they explored how emerging technology using real-time dashboard data can drive efficiencies in the rail sector.

Before we move on to each speaker, take a look at the main takeaway figures in regards to project management:

  1. 35% productivity gains can be achieved by reducing time of staff doing mundane data tasks and reporting (13 hours per person per week saved).
  2. More focussed time on site allows for better decision making.
  3. Creating an agnostic approach helps the industry to get away from individual data silos – currently data gathering and management is costly, inaccurate, and time consuming.
  4. 25% of project spend is re-work, eviFile can reduce this by up to 50%
  5. Leveraging an application ecosystem and data warehouse centralises access to get the data and project team to work together.

Matt Gough, Innovation Director, Mace: The challenges of deploying a ‘Production Control Room’ and the benefits it delivers.

The Benefits of ‘Production Control Room’

“Can we take digital assurance to industry level to get some more industry wide data and share best practices?”

“Keen for open-source APIs – to share with industry – becoming open on standards and competing in delivery.”


Rhys Burton, Principal Programme Controls Manager, Jacobs: TransPennine Route Upgrade. Upgrade: Complexity of Data Management on a Major Programme.

“Fundamentally, complexity of the work produces a total over 1.1 million documents over the course of the project is a management feat of its own.”

What Does This Mean For Data Management?

“The railway is a living breathing system – it can’t rest and recover after a project. Throughout the whole programme there has to be minimal impact to the network to maintain daily train services.”


Luke Allen, Managing Director, eviFile: Shovel to boardroom reporting – Real-time PPC dashboards

“The eviFile system “shovel to the boardroom” concept is key to create a process to allow real-time reporting and ensure that this information and data flows through all of the touchpoints.”

“Currently digital assurance data gathering and management is costly, inaccurate, and time consuming. 25% of project spend is re-work, eviFile can reduce this by up to 50%. Leveraging an application eco-system and data warehouse – centralises access to the data warehouse and gets the team to work together.”

“But How Can This Improve Commercial Projects?”

Mia Dibe, Product Implementation Specialist, 3D Repo

“Clients need to understand that 3D models have huge value beyond their static geometry. They are a live real-time model – that becomes your holistically integrated search engine.”

“Allowing the team to zoom into issues and quality in a much more valuable way. Instantly communicating issues from the front line – quality issues are flagged and resolved using different workflows. Meaningful insights = better decision making.”


Bryan Denby, Managing Director, Mission Room

“Digital rehearsals can be completed using the AEC Control Room before anybody steps onto site, avoiding safety issues – it’s an integrated way to explore design and reality”

“It is interesting that although Mission Room, 3D Repo and eviFile are relatively small, working together we can come up with some high-level solutions. Clients could benefit hugely from adopting an open ecosystem and being a bit more open to the market in their procurement processes.”

“more efficient communication and reporting throughout any project will result in significant savings both in time and cost – the ‘AEC Production Control Room’ project is targetted at determining what data to collect and how to improve visibility to the project team.”

Duncan Mactear
Customer Strategy Director
eviFile Ltd.


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