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Why Real-Time Project Reporting is Important — And How to Get it Right

It’s hard to believe that, in 2021, much of the construction industry still lacks a comprehensive approach to project data management – pressing on without access to real-time reporting and insights. With eviFile offering a joined-up approach, our managing director, Luke Allen, takes a closer look at how to get it right…

As the land currently lies, many major construction projects have their project software housed in information silos — insular management systems which are incapable of reciprocal operation with others. This means that information pertaining to delivery, resource, and activities is held in separate locations, such as Revit, Aconex, PowerProject, or Excel.

Typical Project Issues

Although all systems have the capabilities to interact with multiple software applications, these are seldom implemented and integrated properly. This, as you can imagine, can make it extremely difficult to stay abreast with project developments, efficiently track progress, or automate reporting.

In addition, there is rarely a designated person taking overall responsibility for the data quality across each of the platforms, meaning a significant chunk of time is spent manually integrating the information, rather than uncovering vital insights crucial to the ‘bigger picture’ project management decisions. 

As a result, mapping out milestones and identifying deliverables within a programme are often neglected whilst focussing on trade-to-trade handoffs, which can quickly lead to mistakes and miscommunication; which in turn can be costly for funds, time and resources.

‘bigger picture’ project management

Here’s the Solution.

With the help of an efficient data eco-system, relevant parties can identify the project data requirements from the offset, meaning the links between subsections of information are captured at source – and nothing is missed.

Using a Target Project Operating Model (TPOM), information can be mandated and supported by a supply chain, so the ‘heavy lifting’ elements of project data are shared and automated — freeing up vital time and energy of the workforce.

This will help you seamlessly eliminate the issues stated in the section above.

But What Are the Benefits?

With live, real-time tracking capabilities, your planners, project managers, and field operatives will stay informed with relevant, automated updates, which in turn will maximise efficiency and reduce mistakes.

Not only that, but the smart technology within the model is programmed to identify areas for improvement, the root cause of any issues, and most importantly, how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Of course, we’re aware that with numerous platforms – each housing various records – it can be overwhelming to stay on top of and update with your own reports. That’s why we introduced a single point of record (i.e. a data warehouse) for all parties, so everything is in one, simplified place.

To find out more about our efficient, smart, and cost-effective data solutions, get in touch with the team today, book a free demo, or check out our glowing success stories.


“real-time reporting helps uncover vital insights crucial to the ‘bigger picture’ project management decisions… “

Luke Allen
Managing Director
eviFile Ltd.

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