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eviFile provides a simple interface to digitise all your paper, Excel and messaging (e.g. WhatsApp) stores into one connected application. If you are still collecting paper on site, sharing photo’s on WhatsApp or merging data from multiple Excel files together to create a report, eviFile can bring all of those sources together and provide you with a single source of data, enabling unique project insights.

Making sense of the hundreds of thousands of data points that are collected on each project, businesses are spending huge amounts of money making sense of their data, particularly at the end of the project. Implementing eviFile can dramatically reduce the cost and effort needed to capture data, produce real-time reports and create hand over documentation ready for client hand-back.


Simple input – on any device

Upload whatever you need, easily

With eviFile you can digitise any form, enabling it to accessed across projects and updated on any device. eviFile controls the whole process, ensuring the the right form is connected to the right activity and user, collecting the data you need. Once setup, eviFile can validate every data input field.  Ensuring all field data capture is easy for the device user but collects robust, evidence backed information in the right format, every time

Photographs, sign-offs, drawings & geo-location are all captured as standard.  Once the form is saved in either online or offline mode, you can continue to work as normal.   A chronological data synch occurs as soon a connection is established. Once your project forms are setup and the process digitised in eviFile, you can clone the entire digital process or any of the individual forms to another project in seconds. Creating a digital project standard that you can replicate for a fraction of the effort and cost.  Standard forms also come with standard reports, so you get the flexibility of PowerBI to interrogate your data and produce insight specific reports.

Powerful PDF and hand over reporting

Providing a full audit trail of your entire process

eviFile creates a complete digital audit trail of every action and data capture event. Who and when entered the data, all geo-location stamped, encrypted to UK, court grade evidence standards.  Reducing disputes over the quality of works carried out, eviFile can be used to verify what was done, where and by who. All eviFile data is exportable into excel and PDF in seconds.

Project and assurance reports can be generated across the entire lifespan of a project, at any stage. All form data can be pushed into popular CDE platforms such as A-Site, ProjectWise, Salesforce and SAP, through eviFile’s data warehouse. eviFile uses Power BI to deliver all your data reporting requirements, from site to boardroom. Please contact us for more information or click here to book a demonstration.

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