Mobile Application Capability

eviFile’s mobile data capability centres around making field data collection, simple. With an Android and iOS version to enable offline working while still retaining all of the key features of the application. Working seamlessly with the web platform and control panel to create a rapidly deployable solution across all of your projects, tasks and workflows.


Designed for mobile

Capturing data simply and efficiently

Capturing data in the field is a challenge when you have so many other important tasks to complete. eviFile is not a web site that you access on your device, it is built for mobile specifically. This means you can enter data quickly in a simple interface whether you are an export on your device, or a novice with technology in general.

Complex engineering assurance or simple task information can all be captured on your device, including photographs, video and project files – meaning you can centralise all of your data. Drawing can be stored, distributed and annotated, information shared and updated – all on the move.

When you have a connection you can synch your data. When you haven’t, all of the tools you need to capture information will still operate, you can even prepare all of your forms ready for the end of the task so that when the shift ends, you’re done.

Geo-tagged and encrypted

Court grade digital evidence

The eviFile mobile platform captures a complete audit trail of information for all of your device users. All of the information collected is encrypted so it cannot be questioned. GPS locations are captured and threaded into the photograph data to ensure authenticity. The encryption standard ensures that we know where the user was when the data was entered and that it was that specific user, through our secure platform and roles and permissions.

Each type of user can have their own specific setup on each device, accessing the project information they need and options that are relevant. Our mantra in configuration is “keep it simple’, that way we get the adoption we need from day 1. Users are consulted to ensure the setup meets their need and our onboarding approach keeps users involved so the setup works efficiently on the ground.

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Focussed design specifically for mobile and tablet

Simple to use for efficient data entry and reporting

By utilising eviFile as your single source of project data, you can remove many other sources of commonly used data to centralise your forms, pictures and data. No more WhatsApp groups, e-mail threads and Excel data dumps. eviFile can deal with all of this in a single place, generating reports in real time and PDF outputs that collate all of this in a single click. Having a problem managing your project’s data – get in touch and we’ll show you how to solve your challenges.

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