Pricing Plans

eviFile is available in two editions, Proof & Enterprise. Proof is the easiest way to introduce
the eviFile standard into a project. It is quick to deploy and simple to use. Enterprise is recommended
for organisations that require advanced workflow, integration and custom reporting.


Costs are based on your specific size and needs. Please contact sales for more information


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The Proof edition of eviFile offers an easy way to bring digital assurance to a project and is simple to set up and deploy to teams. Securely capture, manage and share of your project information from wherever you are, using the eviFile platform. Remove e-mails, shared Excel files and WhatsApp groups and centralise your project data. Key features:

Key Features
  • Safe working mobile solution, both online & off-line
  • Digital assurance, golden thread data & automated handback
  • Attachments, drawings and annotations support
  • Self-Configurable control panel for simple administration
  • Geo-Tag your data, assets & field information

Costs are based on your volume of projects and number of users. Please contact sales for more information


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Recommended for larger organisations looking to manage complex processes. The eviFile Enterprise edition includes all the tools in the Proof edition, plus access to the eviFile interactive dashboards and integrations. There are no restrictions with the enterprise version, run multiple projects and integrations across your entire portfolio. Key Features:

Key Features
  • Multiple projects and workflows to meet all of your task and project needs
  • Interactive reports & dashboard - through Power BI
  • Data securely managed in AWS
  • Multiple device support across iOS and Android
  • Integration support (API’s) including BIM partners & CDE's

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Features & capabilities


Feature Proof
Edition Price on request
Edition Price on request
Multiple job, project and workflow and types
Safe working iOS/Android mobile solution
Self configuration control panel
Digital photographic evidence
Geo-tag your jobs, tasks and assets
Attachments for drawings, annotations and documents
Google Maps (Street View)
Share (PDF, hyperlink) to transfer information simply
Offline support for devices
Smart work assignment and allocation
eviTrack (real-time location tracking)
Progress of work done in real time
Integration support (API’s) with tools such as A-Site, P6 & 3D Repo
BIM integrations into forms and reports
Interactive reports & dashboard in Power BI
Asset management, BIM data and live field updates
Multiple projects support to your configuration without restrictions
Build your own Control Room with advanced data warehouse capability
Dedicated AWS hosting

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