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In January 2019 eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Group, following a rapid tender process that started at the end of November 2018.

eviFile was successful in the bid to digitise their non-destructive testing process, where quality and risk are key to ensure a successful maintenance period keeps downtime to a minimum. Every day a power unit is offline costs Drax £500k.


In January 2019 eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Group, following a rapid tender process that started at the end of November 2018. The aim of the Drax project was to deliver a solution for the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT’s) Inspection Management of Outages at Drax power station in Selby, North Yorkshire.

During an outage between 3000 and 8000 Non-Destructive Tests are completed on different fittings, pipework and machinery involved in the electricity generation process. Drax required a digital cloud-based solution that allowed them to not only manage each stage of the testing process but also to ensure that they capture evidence to support each test, so that they could start to track trends over a number of outages.

For the tender demonstration we were provided with 8 very specific scenarios that we were required to demonstrate to show eviFile’s management capability. As the eviFile platform is 100% self-configurable via the control panel, the team built a demonstration in a live environment within 3 days. Effectively delivering 75% of the solution at the demonstration stage as we were provided with very granular process detail as part of the tender. A further 10 day process to complete a custom audit solution enabled eviFile to become the solution of choice for Drax’s NDT testing process.

Following the success of this tender, we are currently working in partnership with Drax via a series of workshops and agile working process methodology to deliver 100% of the solution in eviFile, ensuring that each of their outage contractors, who ultimately will use eviFile, are involved in the building of the digital solution.

We understand that if the technology isn’t adopted by the engineers and site workers on the ground, then the significant efficiency, cost reduction and instant reporting benefits will not be maximised. As such we involve both managers, engineers and site workers into our workshops to get their input and more importantly engagement in how the technology will make their job easier.

The end to end NDT testing process is highly complex, with many different tiers of management, sub-contractors and insurers being involved at various stages of the outage process. As part of the professional services layer we provide with eviFile, we have reviewed the existing process to ensure they are as “lean” as possible before we digitise them. We understand that moving from a primarily paper-based environment means that processes can be stripped back to ensure they are as efficient as possible when we move them to be managed in eviFile.

“After an extensive procurement process, eviFile was deemed to be the best-fit solution due to its handling of complex processes and impressive level of
configurability. We are confident this technology will make an immediate impact and bring a clear commercial benefit.”

“Drax Power Station is the biggest decarbonisation project in Europe. We are replacing our coal units, which will extend the life of the plant, protect jobs and deliver cleaner, more reliable energy for millions of homes and business. The efficiency savings through eviFile will allow us to focus as much attention as possible to our cleaner energy vision.”

Michelle Desmond, Outage Programme Lead, Drax Power Group (DPL LTD)

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