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Remote Working

eviFile has been used successfully through the current Covid-19 pandemic to provide business as usual for clients. We’ve also managed to roll out new clients through our remote working approach. Get in touch to see how eviFile can help keep you operating even through the most challenging of conditions.

A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine a foreman working without a physical set of construction plans or construction workers walking around with mobile devices, but today we’re seeing this more and more. The digital way of operating building sites has slowly but surely caught on.

Over the last few months now, construction professionals find themselves having to adjust to a new type of Jobsite. The sound of tools and traffic have been replaced with
coffee machines and the postman ringing the doorbell. Dedicated office or sat in the kitchen, we are all trying to overcome the challenges of working from home!

Adjusting to a remote work lifestyle is understandably new territory for the vast majority of construction employees. However, the teams and companies that adapt and thrive in this new home-based environment will be more prepared to manage projects today! Nowadays, many tasks relating to building documentation and defect management can be done remotely. Remote work can help construction managers, project managers, client representatives and other managing positions to offload admin tasks, save time and money and improve relationships with colleagues, clients and contractors.

Here at eviFile we’ve recently seen the use of integrations come in very useful as everyone adapts to their new normal. Social distancing requirements will kill off any face-to-face meetings for some time, and many construction companies may find themselves laying off workers. However, these technologies can help keep people working, even if job sites are closed for the duration of this crisis. Integrations have helped ensure the job is handed to the next person in line so that nothing is dropped.

The best advice we’ve found for builders, construction managers, supervisors and anyone else who is making a foray into the world of remote work is to be patient. This technology has existed for a while, but using it is new for a lot of industries. Construction, in particular, is not one sector most people associate with the ability to work remotely. It will take some trial and error to figure out the best way to connect employees and managers and progress through the current crisis.

One thing is sure — this situation won’t be permanent. It could take a few more weeks or months, but eventually, construction workers will be back on their job sites, creating marvels of architecture. In the meantime, remote work is the order of the day, and everyone will need to adapt to succeed. That’s not to say, we’re going to see large amounts of innovation and the way people work moving forward changed forever!

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