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eviFile reduces project managers’ daily stress by helping them answer ‘Will my project finish on time and within budget?’
Providing real-time project status eviFile’s field to boardroom solution brings live field data to the forefront.


Streamline construction activities

Live project status visibility

Designed to streamline construction activities, eviFile converts data recording into project assurance, ensuring that subcontractors provide the correct information in the agreed format. Capturing live field data using easy-to-use mobile devices, coupled with automated workflows, eviFile’s dashboards bring insight across the entire project team.

Project directors can answer ‘what live status visibility do we have on the projects across our portfolio?’ improving their construction performance by more efficient proactive, rather than reactive, project management.

Key Features

The eviFile system provides live data, allowing project managers to assess information
real-time rather than via document-based spreadsheets.


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Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

Programme or Project?

Improve data management across the lifecycle

Whether you have a single project requirement or multiple projects, eviFile can support your programmes of work whatever the lifecycle stage of the built assets and help you make more informed business decisions based on richer, more accurate and complete, real-time data..

eviFile’s powerful mobile platform captures and manages geo-located data about the assets being delivered in a project, and ensures secure auditable records are maintained throughout the delivery processes. Deploying the system across multiple projects means data is captured at a consistently high quality and provides a powerful reporting solution for progressive assurance, health and safety, environmental, and supply chain management.

Digitising construction workflows

eviFile records data throughout every phase of a project allowing immediate checking and validation of assets installation and commissioning status, while providing real-time project insights to the team.

Floor plates (plans) and locations are automatically generated from models and all data is available by selecting each object.

Improving collaboration between construction teams, the eviFile system allows project managers, site supervisors, subcontractors, and specialists to progressively sign off all required stages of the project. The data captured and supporting evidence is used to populate ITP deliverables.

Asset owners can use eviFile for both initial data capture about your built assets, and then updates to that data throughout the assets’ operational lives. It can provide evidence of compliance to regulatory requirements for delivery of new assets, for inspection and maintenance of existing assets, and for their eventual replacement or decommissioning.

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eviFile supports the following Clients and Programmes in rail

Who can benefit from eviFile

All construction projects and the teams that work on them can utilise the mobile field app and web interface to get instant access to essential information


Construction Director

Having visibility of multiple projects and their construction status allows the Construction Director to focus on working with the management team to identify trends and future opportunities

Project Manager

Allocating work through eviFile to the team of sub contractors and suppliers on-site the Construction Manager can track that activities are delivered safely, on time and budget.

Package Manager

The Package Manager can keep track of all work packages with sub contractors updating their package boards with Deliverables, Health and Safety, High Risk Activities, Blockers and Constraints

High level outcomes of using the system were:

With a single cross-project data capture and reporting system, eviFile helps project teams;
Increase productivity through better visibility, quality and performance tracking and clarity on forecasting;

Connect programme tasks (PowerProject, Primavera P6) directly to the field.

Track every activity to completion, creating a complete digital audit trail.

Remove the reliance on email, text and phone calls to deliver the entire process in one, connected digital solution.

Live H&S tracking of any accidents, allowing for analysis of recurring issues and avoidance on future projects;

Reduce stress by avoiding duplication and removing unnecessary communication between multiple stakeholders.

Provide the required output to the customer’s Document Control and Common Data Environment.

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