Digitise data collection and reporting for Rail

eviFile is the complete Field data collection platform for Rail. Download our latest e-book on the form to your right or below, or view our latest Case Study with SPL Powerlines below to get a full view of eviFile’s capabilities.

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    eviFile supports the following Clients and Programmes in Rail

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    Whether you have a project already running or in the pipeline, eviFile can provide a solution to fit your data and reporting needs

    Key Features


    Designed to cover your entire project portfolio and deliver a field tool
    and reporting suite from site to boardroom


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    Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

    Single, cross discipline solution

    Managed on your mobile device or web browser

    The eviFile system allows interaction between construction teams, site supervisors, Engineers, and discipline CRE’s to ensure progressive assurance of all required stages of the project build. The captured data and supporting photographic evidence is stored on a secure electronic database, the output of which is used to populate the ITP (Inspection Test Plan) deliverables.

    Disciplines Covered;

    • OLE
    • P-Way
    • Signalling
    • Installation
    • Testing
    • Custom workflows

    The eviFile system provides live data, Engineers are able to assess information real-time manner rather than via previous paper-based methods. eviFile Quality Referrals feature works as an alert in the same manner as a safety ‘Close Call’ – the Field user will raise a quality observation for escalation to the CRE, CEM or FE for action

    Each structure or asset information is all stored securely in eviFile, including all evidence and assurance material created during its assembly.

    Who can benefit from eviFile


    The entire Rail team are able to use eviFile whether on site with the mobile app or using the web interface in head office:


    Construction Manager

    Allocating work through eviFile to the team of engineers on-site the Construction Manager can track that activities are delivered safely, on time and budget.

    Senior Engineer

    Collaborating with Construction Managers and Supervisors using eviFile the OLE Engineer can ensure all elements of electrification works are delivered in line with scope.


    The Supervisor can build a systematic inspection and maintenance schedule (planned and preventative) ensuring that the OLE infrastructure and associated equipment is maintained through the life of the assets.

    High level outcomes of using the system:

    With a single cross-project data capture and reporting system, eviFile is able to assure the following;
    Achieve richer, more accurate, real-time data about the project assets

    Secure location-specific container for all previously paper-based information

    A full digital audit history, securing time-date-location-stamped and tamper-proof compliance data

    Highlight trends, problems and identify ways of driving continual improvement

    Reliable data capture and evidence storage Digital Progressive Assurance throughout every stage of every project

    Visibility of quality referrals

    Automated final QCS generation that feeds Document submission process for EIS and AMP certification

    The eviFile Digital Progressive Assurance system will provide the required output and evidence in a format stipulated by Network Rail. This output can be uploaded to Network Rail’s Document Control and Common Data Environment

    Captured data is held within eviFile’s secure cloud AWS facility (UK) for potential extraction to a Common Data Environment, Document Storage Systems and transmission to the end client, Network Rail.