eviFile use cases

Digital Assurance Solutions

Digital Progressive Assurance is a very powerful way to capture information around your project as you complete your surveying, installations, maintenance & commissioning.
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Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)

Covering complex processes in the field, as well as very simple form data capture – eviFile can deliver a completely digital OLE project.

From capturing trial hole data linked to your design platform right through to wire runs, eviFile can be used as the complete Golden Thread for your assurance needs
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Non-Destructive Testing

eviFile can be deployed in the Power Sector across a number of use cases. From installation of cabling and construction of pylons right through to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT’s) Inspection Management of Outages, eviFile can digitise the process through the flexible control panel.
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Disruptive Possessions Management

Planning and management of large volumes of engineering works during a disruptive railway possession or blockade is a complex activity with significant risks.

Working with Network Rail and the TRU Alliance, eviFile was configured to align with the disruptive possession reporting requirements of NR/L3/INI/CP0064 – Delivering Work Within Possessions (DWWP) and associated workflows.
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