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Digital Progressive Assurance is a very powerful way to capture information around your project as you complete your surveying, installations, maintenance & commissioning.

Rather than retrospectively collecting data at the end of the process, eviFile provides a real-time capability to collect engineering and construction data in the moment, providing real-time insight onto your project

Real time quality assurance and reporting

Why “Digital Progressive Assurance”?

In most projects, assurance is done retrospectively leading to delays and inefficiencies. By assuring quality as it happens and providing transparecy to the designated approver in real-time, quality can be digitally and progressively assured – hence the term ‘digital progressive assurance’.

Delivering new capital assets (or updating existing ones) often involves sequences of activities. Each step may be subject to a quality inspection and must be signed-off prior to the next one starting. In documenting these inspections and approval steps, contractors can quickly accumulate large volumes of progress monitoring paperwork. And the volume expands if you add in the monitoring of snagging during quality control.

eviFile provides the ability to view and manage a real time view on your project. Whether it be items installed versus plan, Quality Check Sheets completed or even NCR’s raised. All of this information is collected through the eviFile mobile application and reported instantly in your browser
eviFile can be rapidly deployed on complex projects and trained/implemented across a team of 40 engineers within 2 weeks. Even in the pandemic, eviFile have continued to configure and manage such projects remotely and ensure a successful uptake and management of programs.
eviFile’s Control Panel was utilised to configure the asset data, workflows and activities in a matter of days, providing a configured mobile application for the project within hours of the requirements being agreed. You can also self serve to setup your own projects & forms

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Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

Disciplines and Experience


In an uncertain world eviFile empowers businesses to know exactly how their projects and businesses are performing by:

  • Empowering project managers to stay up to date and in control of projects with a digital dashboard providing real-time project information and insight – anytime, anywhere – improving visibility of all works and sub-contractors
  • Replacing manual handwritten forms with consistent, digital forms which can capture complex work in seconds
  • Synching data in real time in the cloud provides the ability to share securely with all project partners (as required) eviFile offers huge time savings on projects by reducing the amount of time taken for accurate update reports and meetings.
  • Accurately capturing work carried out eviFile enables contractors to identify under- and over-performing sub-contractors. Discover the reasons for under-performance and create solutions and actions to resolve issues such as gaps in training, in skills or expertise are identified
  • Having visibility of all project information in real-time improves both short-term and long-term decision-making


“While a lot of recent industry focus has been on Building Information Modelling (BIM), ‘linear’ civil engineering projects place special demands on field-based work teams. User- friendly tools like eviFile that automatically connect geolocation with built asset data will help drive successful collaboration between site and office-based workers”
(Steve Caunce, 2020)

Complying with Inspection and Test Plans


On most construction and civil engineering projects, teams will need to follow Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), perhaps to satisfy ISO 9001 or similar monitoring or regulatory requirements. These plans specify the key points at which inspection or verification processes need to be followed to ensure things are progressing as they should be.

Generally, ITPs follow the sequence of operations. They define when a check is needed, what needs to be checked, and who is responsible for signing off each check. For each check, a checklist or quality check sheet (QCS) document is completed.

Who can benefit from eviFile

eviFile has a role based system to provide a simple interface on a mobile device to collect data, alongside a powerful reporting tool to best understand your project


Construction Director

Get a complete overview of a project including details on over runs, blockers and issues. Also get a cross project view, where you can see your current portfolio on a single page

Site Manager

Tailored reports for your project, site team or discipline, providing detailed insights on safety issues, delays, programme clashes or site management concerns

Quality Manager

Obtain a complete view of progress against the quality programme, understanding issues that need to be fixed before they get out of hand. Also, obtain a complete view of every quality check sheet in the system and drill down to ensure NCR’s and snags are effectively managed at source

High level outcomes of using the system were:


Benefits of implementing eviFile across the entire project

Controlled data (one source of truth) and highly secure but permissible access

Progressive completion of asset build activities with supporting evidence files

Reliable and consistent data capture across projects

Real-time project quality status

Real-time visibility and management of defects and non-conformance reports (NCRs)

Real-time visibility of programme impact

Empirical, quicker and better-informed management decisions

Removal of paperwork – lower overheads / increased margins

Digital evidence support, to minimise dispute claims

Swift client handover and sign off, hours not months

Compliance evidence archive (unlimited storage)

Case studies

View our eviFile success stories

VolkerRail Case Study – Managing Field Surveys Using eviFile Technologies

Executive summary VolkerRail used a mobile application and supporting web-based platform by eviFile to streamline data capture for multiple surveys

Drax Power Case Study – £1M of Annual Savings Through Digitisation of Their Non-Destructive Testing Process

In January 2019, eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Power LTD (DPL), following a rapid tender process

Water Leak Location Services streamlines its field-based data collection with eviFile

Executive summary Water Leak Location Services (WLLS) worked with eviFile to streamline its field-based data collection and provide its water

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