Disruptive Possessions Management

Planning and management of large volumes of engineering works during a disruptive railway possession or blockade is a complex activity with significant risks.

Working with Network Rail and the TRU Alliance, eviFile was configured to align with the disruptive possession reporting requirements of NR/L3/INI/CP0064 – Delivering Work Within Possessions (DWWP) and associated workflows.

eviFile’s ability to manage and provide complete transparency for every hour-by-hour activity, ensures the successful completion of planned engineering tasks and activities using the milestones and deliverables identified in the DWWP system.

Real-time progress tracking

Connected directly to your P6 programme


eviFile can connect your P6 program data into the field and collate real-time updates through PowerBI.

By connecting your tactical and strategic milestones and field data collection capability together, eviFile can provide a powerful end to end solution for your possession/blockade

eviFile’s Control Panel was utilised to configure the asset data, workflows and activities in a matter of days, providing a configured mobile application for the project within hours of the requirements being agreed. You can also self serve to setup your own projects & forms
eviFile can be rapidly deployed on complex projects and trained/implemented across a team of 40 engineers within 2 weeks. Even in the pandemic, eviFile have continued to configure and manage such projects remotely and ensure a successful uptake and management of programs
Key to this success has been eviFile’s close working relationship with the engineering team, fine tuning the data inputs to better manage the possession/blockade process. On top of this, the ability to closely manage Close Calls, site issues, DOWLs, NCR’s and export data into proprietary Network Rail systems has provided some huge efficiency savings over previous manual data processes or paper-based forms.

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Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

Managing complex rail disciplines and possessions/blockades in a single solution


Network Rail and the TRU alliance planners, site managers and engineers were able to track real-time project performance and act based on insights. These stakeholders could, for the first time, objectively compare ‘what was planned’ versus ‘what has been delivered’.

Calum Duncan, Programme Controls Manager at Network Rail stated

“eviFile has allowed us absolute clarity on status & completion of activities during blockades. The recording of data once has removed the need for reporting to be manipulated for the sake of differing spreadsheets and allows decision-makers to focus on what the data is saying and not on the data collation itself”

Covering all infrastructure disciplines, project sizes and use cases


Contractors’ activities were tracked and approved on site through to completion, ensuring progress was monitored in real-time with 10 connected dashboards, all updating dynamically.

The system was both physical and digital so that the parties involved could either collaborate remotely, on site, or in person within the HQ Control Room.

The whole system is entirely scalable and repeatable providing any project a ‘plug-and-play’ construction management and reporting platform. Whether infrastructure projects (blockades in rail, and road closures on highways) or continuous requirement on building projects the field to boardroom reporting can be utilised by any and preferably all construction projects.

Moving to Digital


In line with the Governmental Industrial Strategy Construction Sector Deal, our aim is to improve the performance of UK construction by better, more efficient, and proactive rather than reactive project management.

This technology will eventually get deployed across the Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) project portfolio, HS2, and Highways England among others.

“This is a huge cultural shift for the rail industry.” remarked Paul Butler, Digital & Collaborative Planning Manager, at TRU West Alliance “Automating possession management allowed TRU West to streamline the message from site, forming the single source of truth whilst providing metrics that allow agile decision making at a glance.”

Our vision is better project control to improve the performance of all construction projects through increased transparency and project benchmarking between projects and organisations!

Who can benefit from eviFile

eviFile’s Possession Management solution benefits everyone from the site team, up to the capital delivery director,
providing real-time visibility of possession progress, issues and hand backs


Capital Delivery Director

Can view real time dashboards showing possession times, activity completions, de-scoped activities, close calls and commentary.

PICOPS (Person in Charge of Possession)

Automatically updated dashboards provide PICOPS with live reporting as team members complete eviFile forms on track which feed into a combined dataset.

Operations Delivery Manager

Can have a view across possessions and deep dive into real-time insights, to ensure that resources are correctly allocated and lessons learned, shared.

High level outcomes of using the system were:


Improving collaboration, communication and visibility between project partners, the HQ control room and Network Rail.

The introduction of the system improved productivity by 5% through better visibility, quality and performance tracking and clarity on forecasting.

Live health & safety tracking of any accidents and close calls, allowing for analysis of recurring issues and avoidance on future projects.

Improved resource allocation and project management.

Improved information sharing within and between project delivery partners and supply chain.

Case studies

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Drax Power Case Study – £1M of Annual Savings Through Digitisation of Their Non-Destructive Testing Process

In January 2019, eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Power LTD (DPL), following a rapid tender process

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Executive summary Water Leak Location Services (WLLS) worked with eviFile to streamline its field-based data collection and provide its water

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