Non-Destructive Testing

eviFile can be deployed in the Power Sector across a number of use cases. From installation of cabling and construction of pylons right through to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT’s) Inspection Management of Outages, eviFile can digitise the process through the flexible control panel.

eviFile currently with Drax Power in Selby and also operate the Power & Distribution disciplines across a number of major critical infrastructure programmes, capturing installation, quants and inspections across projects in the UK.


Outage Management and Insurance Handovers


The Drax power solution is focused on outages, where between 3000 and 8000 Non-Destructive Tests are completed on different fittings, pipework and machinery involved in the electricity generation process.

Drax required a digital cloud-based solution that allowed them to not only manage each stage of the testing process, but also to ensure that they capture evidence to support each test — so that they could start to track trends over a number of outages.

Following the success of this tender, we are working in partnership with Drax to enhance and improve the solution via an agile methodology designed to deliver 100% of the solution in eviFile, ensuring that each of their outage contractors – who ultimately will use eviFile – are involved in the building of the digital solution.

eviFile provides the ability to view and manage a real time view on your project. Whether it be inspections completed versus plan, NDT’s completed or even NCR’s raised. All of this information is collected through the eviFile mobile application and reported instantly in your browser.
eviFile can be rapidly deployed on complex projects and trained/implemented across a team of 40 engineers within 2 weeks. Even in the pandemic, eviFile have continued to configure and manage such projects remotely and ensure a successful uptake and management of programs.
eviFile’s Control Panel was utilised to configure the asset data, workflows and activities in a matter of days, providing a configured mobile application for the project within hours of the requirements being agreed. You can also self serve to setup your own projects & forms.

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eviFile supports the following Clients and Programmes in Rail

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Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

Disciplines and Experience

Digital Asset Sharing in Real Time

The real need was to create a digital asset sharing platform across DPL and 3 sub-contractor networks providing a single version of the truth in real time. This includes real time transfer of digital evidence and documents as well as encrypted and secure cloud-based storage accredited to CREST and critical infrastructure levels.

Although the solution was very much focussed on visibility, one of the more complex aspects of the solution was configuration of complex roles and permissions to ensure that all users only get the information that are meant to view at the right time in the workflow.

This enabled the teams to work on their priorities more simply and also for system administrators to pick up on where the chain of evidence had broken down, or simply needed to be moved along with more haste.

Maximising Inspection Efficiency Through Instant Access


We understand that if the technology isn’t adopted by the engineers and site workers on the ground, then the significant efficiency, cost reduction and instant reporting benefits will not be maximised. As such we involve both managers, engineers and site workers into our workshops to get their input and more importantly engagement in how the technology will make their job easier.

With thousands of NDT’s in play, it was essential a powerful, yet intuitive search capability was implemented – making all records and evidence instantly locatable regardless of source.
This includes the photographs, video and documents included – this was a key requirement from Drax and one that eviFile supports out of the box with Tags, custom search fields driven by AWS’ powerful elastic search components

All meta data can be clearly tagged and managed through eviFile’s flexible control panel, enabling new tags to be added or amended on the fly (by those with the relevant privileges) and applied to media in bulk.

Who can benefit from eviFile

eviFile has a role based system to provide a simple interface on a mobile device to collect data,
alongside a powerful reporting tool to best understand your project


Outage Director

Get a single page of outage completion status, including progress versus planned and where key issues are being raised, in real time


Effective workflow enables contractors to simply get a view on the jobs allocated and produce their own reports as part of a wider outage, providing secure visibility on issues and progress to those that need it


A simple, mobile view of inspections to complete and progress updates. The ability to add photographs, evidence, annotations and raise flags in the moment, to better enable the flow of information from the outage into the management team

High level outcomes of using the system were:


Reducing the outage close down process from 2 weeks to 2 days.


All of the inspections are completed progressively, providing real time updates and ensuring the insurance hand over period is drastically reduced

Automation of all key reporting outputs, saving days of senior engineer time every week of the outage

Removal of paper and a centralised data store for all outage data

Improving safety and collection of information by using ruggedised devices on site

The ability to refine the process outage on outage, to increase efficiency and refine the process between the project management team and the contractors

Case studies

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VolkerRail Case Study – Managing Field Surveys Using eviFile Technologies

Executive summary VolkerRail used a mobile application and supporting web-based platform by eviFile to streamline data capture for multiple surveys

Drax Power Case Study – £1M of Annual Savings Through Digitisation of Their Non-Destructive Testing Process

In January 2019, eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Power LTD (DPL), following a rapid tender process

Water Leak Location Services streamlines its field-based data collection with eviFile

Executive summary Water Leak Location Services (WLLS) worked with eviFile to streamline its field-based data collection and provide its water

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