Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)

Covering complex processes in the field, as well as very simple form data capture – eviFile can deliver a completely digital OLE project.

From capturing trial hole data linked to your design platform right through to wire runs, eviFile can be used as the complete Golden Thread for your assurance needs.


Your end to end OLE solution

from field data collection to real time project insights

eviFile lends itself well to very simple programmes of work (proof), as well as the extremely complex (enterprise). For the MML programme with SPL, eviFile created a complex workflow for more than 2,500 assets, all with 20+ activities of work required to sign before the structure was deemed completed.

For the GWEP, eviFile created and managed more than 500,000 individual items of assurance evidence, quality check sheets and photographs.

eviFile’s Control Panel was utilised to configure the asset data, workflows and activities in a matter of days, providing a configured mobile application for the project within a fortnight of the requirements being agreed.
eviFile can be rapidly deployed on complex projects and trained/implemented across a team of 40 engineers within 4 weeks. Even in the pandemic, eviFile have continued to configure and manage such projects remotely and ensure a successful uptake and management of programs.
Key to this success has been eviFile’s close working relationship with the engineering team, fine tuning the data inputs to auto populate design data into the quality check sheets. On top of this, the ability to closely manage quality issues, DOWLs, NCR’s and export data into proprietary Network Rail systems has provided some huge efficiency savings over previous manual data processes or paper-based forms.

eviFile, trusted by

eviFile supports the following Clients and Programmes in Rail

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Whether you start with proof, or begin with a complex enterprise project, eviFile has an approach

Disciplines and Experience

Covering all infrastructure disciplines, project sizes and use cases

Working closely with Volker Rail on the TPW programme has seen more new developments in rail with workflows developed for Grip2 surveys, Permanent Way (P-Way) as well as new data migration tools, designed to dramatically reduce the amount of data silos on each project and mean that eviFile becomes the one stop solution for all assurance data required by Network Rail at the end of each project.

The focus of eviFile’s approach in OLE is to focus on the needs of the engineer in the field through mobile app, while also considering the reporting needs of the project. Complex engineering assurance and quality data can be collected on any device in real time. Power BI reports are updated in real time covering items installed, quality issues and referrals, quant data and shift reports.

All these data feeds can overwhelm a project and often not deliver value for the project team. eviFile’s onboarding team work closely with the site and management teams to deliver project insights rather than data overload. This approach delivers a tailored solution across projects and enables lessons learned to be implemented in an agile way, to constantly improve project delivery. For more information and a focussed demonstration of the platform, please submit a demo request above.

Who can benefit from eviFile

The entire OLE team are able to use eviFile whether on site with the mobile app or using the web interface in head office.



Construction Manager

Allocating work through eviFile to the team of engineers on-site the Construction Manager can track that activities are delivered safely, on time and budget

Senior Engineer

Collaborating with Construction Managers and Supervisors using eviFile the OLE Engineer can ensure all elements of electrification works are delivered in line with scope

OLE Supervisor

The Supervisor can build a systematic inspection and maintenance schedule (planned and preventative) ensuring that the OLE infrastructure and associated equipment is maintained through the life of the assets.

High level outcomes of using the system were:

eviFile brings efficiencies across the whole OLE project life cycle, from design and planning, through construction to asset management


Integrate with possession planners to ensure all aspects of works are planned within specified timescale

Establish, maintain and report against programme for construction activities through the OLE project life cycle

Collaborate with contractors, sub-contractors, the client and senior management

Manage quality issues, DOWLs, NCR’s and export data into proprietary Network Rail systems

Assess actual completed works versus planned in real time

Case studies

View our eviFile success stories

VolkerRail Case Study – Managing Field Surveys Using eviFile Technologies

Executive summary VolkerRail used a mobile application and supporting web-based platform by eviFile to streamline data capture for multiple surveys

Drax Power Case Study – £1M of Annual Savings Through Digitisation of Their Non-Destructive Testing Process

In January 2019, eviFile was successful in securing a contract with Drax Power LTD (DPL), following a rapid tender process

Water Leak Location Services streamlines its field-based data collection with eviFile

Executive summary Water Leak Location Services (WLLS) worked with eviFile to streamline its field-based data collection and provide its water

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