Designed for mobile

Capturing data simply and efficiently

Capture field data effortlessly with eviFile, tailored for mobile use. Whether tech-savvy or a novice, swiftly input complex engineering details or simple tasks on your device. Capture photos, videos, project files, and drawings for centralized data management. Share, annotate, and update information on the go. Sync data when connected, and operate tools offline, preparing forms in advance for seamless task completion at your shift's end

Geo-tagged and encrypted

Court grade digital evidence

The eviFile mobile platform securely captures an encrypted audit trail, integrating GPS locations for authenticity. User-specific setups provide access to project information, maintaining simplicity for swift adoption. Our approach prioritizes user consultation and efficient onboarding for a tailored setup that meets their needs

Trusted by many

The world's most innovative companies use eviFile

Focussed design specifically
for mobile and tablet

Simple to use for efficient data entry
and reporting

Choose eviFile as your central project data source, eliminating the need for multiple data channels such as WhatsApp groups, email threads, and Excel dumps. Manage forms, pictures, and data seamlessly in one place, with realtime reports and PDF outputs for easy consolidation. If you’re facing challenges in project data management, reach out, and let us help you find solutions.

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