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eviFile's comprehensive digital solution captures, consolidates, and communicates critical data in real-time to prevent errors, ensure compliance and mitigate risk, via a universally accessible single source of truth.

Partnering with eviFile offers a unique opportunity to align with an innovative leader in digital project management for rail, renewables, and construction.

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Our Partner Promise

Our promise to our partners is to foster deep, mutually beneficial relationships characterised by full commercial transparency, and to collaboratively bring new and innovative products and services to life that truly meet the needs of organisations in the rail, renewables, and construction sectors.
As an eviFile partner, you will:

Expand Your Market

Gain a competitive edge with eviFile's growing recognition as the essential tool for digitising processes. Use eviFile to become the go-to platform for clients, and unlock new avenues for digital transformation within their operations.

Enhance Your Credibility

Elevate your market presence by offering a premium digital data collection and reporting solution. Leverage eviFile to showcase cutting-edge on-site accessibility and enhance your credibility with existing customers and new prospects.

Retain More Clients

Collaborate with us to amplify the value provided to your clients. Strengthen customer loyalty and increase satisfaction by offering a consolidated source of expertise with eviFile’s support.

Accelerate Project Delivery

Increase your service delivery and enrich your solution offerings. eviFile’s platform is designed to streamline project workflows, speeding up client adoption and enhancing satisfaction.

A Legacy of Collaborative Success

eviFile has a proven track record of forging strong partnerships. With Rail industry consultants, we've enhanced project delivery and assurance, setting new standards in safety and compliance. Our collaboration with Renewables consultants has driven innovation in project data management, optimising performance monitoring. In the Construction sector, our alliances have streamlined project processes, from planning to execution.
Our partners have not only expanded their offerings but have also contributed to the evolution of eviFile’s platform, demonstrating a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in project management.

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Sales Partners

Gain a competitive advantage by offering a comprehensive solution that enables your prospects and customers to seamlessly manage large-scale projects from a centralised, single source of truth.
Leverage eviFile’s strong market presence in the rail, renewables, and construction sectors to tap into a wider customer base, while benefiting from eviFile's dedicated support and collaborative marketing efforts to drive your sales forward and build new revenue streams.

Technical Partners

Integrating with leading software providers like MS Power BI, Nodes & Links, Primavera P6, and more, eviFile delivers a unique, tailored solution that combines specialist expertise for comprehensive management of major construction projects.
By integrating your technology with eviFile, you not only expand your product capabilities but also enhance your value proposition to clients seeking a cohesive and reliable project management system.

Industry Associations

The eviFile platform offers a unique blend of real-time visibility, risk mitigation, and compliance assurance for large-scale construction projects. We prioritise safety, efficiency, and innovation, which is why we seek to partner with leading industry associations to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. eviFile is also keen to share learnings from our own projects with our industry colleages at events throughout the UK.
Use eviFile to reinforce your commitment to advancing industry standards and provide your members access to exclusive insights, educational content, partner events, and a platform that supports continuous improvement and operational excellence.