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eviFile is the new digital standard for programme of work and task management. Completely self-configurable, the platform can be rapidly customised and deployed to your exact programme needs across any web browser on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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  • Completely customisable for complex project requirements
  • Get a real time view on all works completed
  • Provide digital progressive assurance to your client for every action completed
  • Digitise your forms and data collection in seconds
  • Deploy across your entire user base

Proof edition

The easiest way to introduce the eviFile standard into a project. It is quick to deploy and simple to use.

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Enterprise edition

Recommended for organisations that require advanced workflow, integration and custom reporting.

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  • Workflow - Advanced, custom workflow component to manage any process complexity fully end to end
  • Real-time reporting - Transparency of job status providing a full Digital Progressive Assurance solution across all projects and programmes of work
  • Reports dashboard - Providing a single source of the truth and golden thread of information
  • Asset management - A fully integrated inventory solution. Create, maintain, replace, decommission.
  • Dedicated - AWS solution and mobile application for every user

Recommended for improving business efficiency

"We’re very driven to improve the visibility of the health of our projects and believe eviFile is the tool to do it. We now have a much more efficient, accurate and secure way of reporting on progress of construction against our delivery schedule and on key issues like environment, quality and health and safety."
William Eyre, Head of Construction Services, United Utilities

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