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Power BI Insights

PowerBI reporting is integrated directly into eviFile, with standardised reporting out of the box, as well as custom report creation available from our Data Warehouse. This can be managed by your PowerBI team or as a service by the eviFile team.

Turning field data into insights

Real time project insights

Data and information are becoming more and more unwieldy on modern construction projects. eviFile was designed to enable a digital first approach to field data collection from the device in your pocket, greatly reducing paper and Excel approaches to managing data and reporting. eviFile’s approach has been to look at enterprise reporting requirements using PowerBI as the integrated approach for removing the heavy lifting required to produce even the simplest reporting outputs.

Collating data across projects

Portfolio, project and low level reporting in one place

This includes high level project reporting and low-level operational outputs. Everything from your P6 programme and task completion can be measured, alongside reporting on users and progress. Everything in between can be customised into your own reports in PowerBI, either from your own internal data team or through the eviFile PowerBI reporting team.

Trusted by many

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Tailored reporting for your projects

Self service options for your in house data teams

eviFile provides PowerBI reporting as standard across all projects. This includes an element of reporting support for custom requirements. This can include everything from installed and quality assured assets, snags and defects and even cross project reporting.

eviFile were involved in the transforming construction Innovate UK project alongside project partners 3DRepo, Mission Room, UCL & Imperial, headed up by Mace.

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