eviFile’s Sales Performance in 2023

Revolutionising Digital Solutions in the Rail, Construction and Renewable Energy Sectors


In an era where digital transformation is paramount, eviFile has emerged as an innovator and instrument for digital transformation in the rail, construction and energy sectors. The year 2023 marked a series of remarkable accomplishments for eviFile, highlighting its commitment to driving efficiency and digital integration in complex projects

Here’s a look at some of our achievements: 

Network Rail Contract: eviFile signed a contract with Network Rail to provide a comprehensive digital completions management solution across the TRU programme. This alliance, encompassing multiple contractors, revolutionised quality assurance (QA) processes and connected Digital Inspection Test Plans (ITPs). The scope extended to managing Close Calls and audits, daily work and quantifications tracking, and effective Possessions delivery management.

Alstom Possessions Success: eviFile collaborated with Alstom and successfully executed six commissionings during the critical holiday period.

Alstom Signalling Installation and Handover To Test: Alstom have engaged with their TIC’s (Tester In Charge) to explore how construction completion data can be connected to a digital Signalling testing solution. The objective: to enhance the data feed into the TIC’s, ensuring more streamlined and efficient operations leading up to a commissioning

AtkinsRealis Partnership: Another highlight of the year was the partnership with AtkinsRealis. Together, we delivered a pioneering Signalling Installation QA for all Signalling Asset types and a  digital Materials Management & Costing solution

Innovations in Hope Valley: eviFile’s HopeValley Entry into Service tracker provided real-time tracking and project management solutions that significantly enhanced project efficiency

U.S. Expansion with Balfour Beatty: Marking its first venture into the U.S. market, eviFile collaborated with Balfour Beatty US on a project in Santa Clara carrying out the VTA works

East Coast PSU Project: eviFile have been deployed to work with the VolkerRail East Coast PSU delivery team to deliver the end of the project, digitally.   This includes task briefs, OLE QA and a shift reporting and planning solution to support the final 18 months of the construction phase and then Entry Into Service.

SPL Powerlines Move to Enterprise: A significant development was SPL Powerlines adopting an Enterprise model with eviFile to deliver digital solutions across their business, outside of the existing multi-discipline digital Quality Assurance solution for the Midland Mainline. This transition allowed SPL Powerlines to expedite their digitisation programme, beginning with Notes and the OLEC Competency Management solutions were delivered in 2023.  2024 will be deploying lower-level planning and design management digital process solutions

Drax Power Outages Management: Demonstrating its proficiency in the energy sector, eviFile successfully managed two outages for Drax Power, including all non-destructive testing and all Operations & Maintenance for the pipework at Selby Power Station. Their effective, completely digital approach (powered by eviFile) ensured the turbines were back online ahead of schedule, highlighting eviFile’s ability to deliver for any time-critical process.

eviFile’s sales activities in 2023 marked a year of growth, expansion, and technological triumphs. Our innovative solutions in digital completions management, QA, and possessions delivery have set new standards in the rail, construction and renewable energy sectors. As eviFile continues to expand its horizons, it remains a key player in shaping the future of digital project management and delivery. 

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