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A compliant golden
thread of information
for your rail projects.

eviFile’s digital assurance software solution is utilised by clients across multiple sectors to create a golden thread of information – find out how implementing eviFile can improve quality, minimise risk, and ensure compliance.

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Comprehensive Activity Management, Quants
Tracking & Digital Quality Assurance

Seamlessly connect teams, securely store crucial evidence, and elevate project assurance. Say goodbye to outdated paper methods and embrace live data and reporting to supercharge your project’s efficiency and safety.


Man hours saved per person annually (Transpennine Route Upgrade).


Daily reduction in time for administrative tasks (Alstom)


Saved vs paper process (SPL Powerlines)

Get a single, accessible source of truth with tangible
evidence of work completed, any time, anywhere

eviFile elevates safety, efficiency, and compliance across all facets of the rail
industry by enhancing real-time data sharing and tracking.

Streamline Communication

Upload and integrate live field data for immediate project update. Access real-time reports managing possessions / blockades, installation, quality assurance and daily site activities.

Empower Decision-Making

Get precise, real-time delivery insights with reliable data capture, multi-discipline Digital Progressive Assurance across all stages of construction and PowerBI integration for comprehensive Project Control Dashboards.

Prove Compliance

Effortlessly record and access verification, validation and assurance data, backed by a tamper-proof, time/date/location-stamped digital audit history.

Increase Productivity

Collaborate efficiently to ensure safe and timely planned or reactive activities while optimising work outputs and enhancing safety, compliance whilst reducing time on track.

Coordinate Maintenance

Create templated inspection schedules for infrastructure management and use insights to pinpoint issues that enable continuous process improvement. Integrate data with Ellipse and other digital solutions to provide dynamic reports for compliance monitoring.

Rail specific solutions

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to deploy and roll out with eviFile

Works Activity and Quants Tracking

Possession & Blockade Delivery Management

Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) Digital Quality Assurance

Signalling Installation and Handover to Test

The key to streamlined and compliant works and maintenance management, from site to boardroom

With its golden thread of evidence, eviFile guarantees every aspect of work within a possession & blockade is executed to the highest standard, offering undeniable proof of safe and effective delivery.
Whether managing large programs or intensive weekend tasks, our rail management software captures comprehensive delivery and assurance data. In addition to making information easily available to every stakeholder, eviFile:
User-friendly Interface
Offers a user-friendly interface that’s easy to install and manage, and an iOS + Android app for both online and offline data access.
Output Formats
Delivers the necessary output in Network Rail’s specified format, ready for upload to their Document Control and Common Data Environment.
Streamlined Submission
Streamlines document submission for EIS and AMP certification with automated QCS generation.
Automated Handback
Provides an automated, digtial handback solution with golden thread reporting, a customisable control panel for process replication, and comprehensive data access, including real-time reporting outputs.
Secure Cloud Storage
Stores data in a secure AWS cloud that can be extracted for integration with Common Data Environments or Document Storage Systems, and transmission to Network Rail.
Secure Information
Uses a secure digital container for historical paper-based information, automates imports into ProjectWise, and integrates seamlessly with platforms like Primavera P6, Asite, and 3D Repo.

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Trusted by Many
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Using eviFile has brought benefits across the whole project supply chain, including stakeholders and regulators. We’ve seen a 30% reduction in site visits through real-time data capture and a 50% time-saving in the completion of hand back files to the regulator.
William Eyre
United Utilities
On previous outages, it could take maybe six or seven months for that documentation to be compiled. With this system, now we know exactly where we’re at right at the end for handover. All of that data is already compiled. It has saved us so much pain that it is really, truly paid for itself.
Dave Ansell

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