UK Light Rail Conference 2023

– the end of the front seat view

Representatives from all existing UK tram and light rail networks together with regional leaders with plans for ambitious urban transportation systems gathered at this year’s UK Light Rail Conference in Gateshead on 11/12th July. A large contingent of delegates from European companies also shared their vision of an innovative and dynamic industry. The main topics discussed and debated, with expertise and optimism for the future, were:

  • The positive environmental impact of using light rail and very light rail
  • Safety, particularly for those using the space that light rail shares with others
  • Integration with other modes of transport both public and individual – from heavy rail and buses to cycling and walking

One of the highlights of the conference was the site visit to the new Nexus Stadler Gosforth depot featuring environmentally friendly sedum roofing, rainwater recycling and daylight capture.

The Tyne and Wear Metro upgrade brings significant benefits to the region and the 46 new trains and their depot will deliver substantial energy savings across the network. The design of the new Stadler 555 trains involved an unprecedented level of customer consultation with over 23,000 passengers giving their views, ideas and suggestions. Features of the new fleet include a single walk-right-through train, air-conditioning, heated floors and charging points throughout.

The phasing out of the Tyne and Wear Metro front seat view

From a personal perspective, however, there is one downside of the redesign with the two passenger seats at the front of the train being replaced by a significantly improved cab for the driver. The indulgent ‘front seat view’ is one that I enjoyed for many years travelling to work from the Airport to Central Station.  The current class 599 shares the front and back windows of the trains between the driver and the passenger 2/3 to 1/3 in favour of the passenger.

Provided at no extra cost to travellers the seats are being swallowed up within the luxurious Stadler 555 drivers’ cab which triples in width – demonstrated below by Ian Brown CBE who chaired proceedings at the UK Light Rail Conference.

Stadler has forged new partnerships with more than 10 manufacturing, technology and construction companies in North East England. These new relationships will last for up to 35 years as Stadler maintains the new trains for Nexus, employing around 100 people directly, securing jobs through the supply chain and making its own commitments to training and research.

Mainspring, the event organiser, launched their Global Light Rail Data Portal at the conference with a go live of September 1st this year. The portal is a database of worldwide Tram, Metro, and LRT systems that provides companies with instant access to research the market and have up to date intelligence of existing and proposed systems. The system contains data on the composition of each system allowing early identification of opportunities with respect to new lines, extensions and fleets of rolling stock.

With an optimistic outlook for the sector and forward-thinking attitude throughout the supply chain, eviFile is engaging with the key players – contact us here to find out more.

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